The Perfect Guide to a Stylish Aisle

One of the trickiest parts and a part that is sometimes forgotten about is how the aisle will look on your day. Make it just as glamorous as your reception with these ideas!

Candles – This idea is very popular. Light the way with candles along where the guests are sitting, perfect for a winter wedding or a slightly darker venue for an intimate style.

Flowers – If your budget allows it, or perhaps you’re doing them yourselves create floral arches down the aisle or large displays at three or four points down the aisle.

Red Carpet – Make a grand entrance with a red carpet, perfect for a glitz and glamour theme, or go for a completely black runner.

Shiny – As sequins seem to be taking over weddings at the moment, why not introduce a little bit of sparkle into your aisle runner too? Some brides are walking down the aisle with a completely sequinned runner!

Personalised – You can be as personal or as simple as you like; some aisle runners have the whole story illustrated with pictures of the couple’s life together, or they just have their initals (eg J&M) at the front.

Rustic – If you’re looking for rustic style perhaps outside, find vintage rugs and carpets and lay them over each other along the aisle. It’s so simple and yet looks so colourful and beautiful.

Confetti – And finally, there are confetti runners. Perhaps you just want a really simple style. Throw rose petals along the aisle for a romantic and relaxed feel.

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