Entertain Young Guests with Wedding Favours for Kids

Weddings are a whirlwind of activity. For the wedding couple, the big day rushes by in a haze of preparations, ceremony, photos, reception and making the most of this special event.

However, for children the day can seem like it drags on forever. They wait for the vows, the photos, the speeches, and finally, the food, explains Laura, mum and recent bride.

“We wanted to make our wedding a true family event when we married in 2018. It was important for my husband Tom and I to have our daughter and extended family – kids and all – there at our big day so we decided to include wedding favours for kids.”

As a mum, Laura realised that to keep kids entertained (and parents relaxed) meant providing her young guests with engaging activities. “Weddings can be frustrating for kids because there’s a lot of time spent waiting for something to happen. When planning our wedding, Tom and I agreed that we wanted the children to enjoy the day as much as we would, so it was a priority for us to find a way to keep them busy with something fun.”

Laura and Tom decided to spoil their young guests with toys and activities they could enjoy at the wedding and take home afterwards. “At their table, the children were given a goody box full of fun playthings such as bubbles, pencils, and mini puzzles. We also added Playfoam® Pals™ by Learning Resources®. I knew that Playfoam wasn’t sticky so would be fine on the nice clean tablecloths. The fact it doesn’t dry out was also appealing, as the children could use it throughout the day. Some of them played with it for hours! Plus, they got to keep the Pals as a memento.

Later in the day we opened our children’s room (a side room off the main room) in which we had more Playfoam, drawing and giant games. We provided childminders in the room too, so parents could come and go as they pleased – as could the children.” The kids were delighted, and their parents could sit back and enjoy the celebrations knowing that they were having fun, she adds.

“It meant a lot to our guests and we received many lovely comments about how we’d included children. When we sent out the invites, we informed parents that there would be plenty of things for their children to do, and that they were equally welcome. The children’s room was a hit, and parents kept commenting on all the little details such as the toys, games and the kids’ disco we had before the main one kicked in.”

It’s important for brides (and grooms) to feel at ease on their wedding day, and for us that also included our daughter, adds Laura. “We love children and wanted to make sure they were catered for, entertained and safe. This meant that Tom and I could relax, as could other parents. Little touches to keep children entertained don’t have to cost much either. Our big day turned out to be a true family celebration, with lots of fun, laughter and play.”

Here are Laura’s top tips to keeping kids entertained at your wedding:

  • Look for age-appropriate activities and toys.
  • Kids get bored fast so keep them surprised and delighted by revealing new toys, games and activities throughout the event – don’t give up all the fun in one go!
  • It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little planning and shopping around, brides can find budget-friendly buys.
  • If you have kids of your own, get them involved – let them help you choose the toys and decorate the goody boxes.

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