Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

It’s good to be creative with your wedding photos. Give your photographer some of these ideas to REALLY make memories!

Sparklers – This can make your wedding look magical. There’s a way the photographer can leave the lens open for longer, so it captures movement from a sparkler all in one photo, to give you your dream Disney wedding photo!

All About Her – Have fun with your photos! Have a little dance while your husband to be looks on lovingly. You’ll treasure that look forever.

Close Up Smiles – Let your photographer get close so they can see all of your emotion and feelings towards one another.

Kiss through the Car – This is a very Romeo and Juliet-esque photo pose, where the bride really reaches to kiss her groom out of the car.

Sunsets – Escape from the wedding party at sunset and get a beautiful silhouette pose of you and your husband-to-be, or a warm glow style image like the one below.

Field shots – Another good landscape picture for the wall of your new home is one of you and your partner running through the fields. It’ll give you a real sense of freedom.

Colour Explosion – And finally, our favourite wedding photo idea is a colourful explosion behind the bride and groom or set off by the couple. Coloured smoke to suit your theme can look really effective.

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