20 Funny Wedding Photos That Will Make You Smile

It’s nice to have a collection of formal photographs but the odd funny one is sure to make you giggle when you’re looking through your albums in years to come. These are our favourites from UKbride’s photographers…

I think it’s the bride who is supposed to be picked up by the groomsmen..! This shot will be sure to give you a giggle as you look through taken by Elzabeth Melvin.

These pageboys are trying their best to catch a peak of what’s inside! Photographed by Peartree Pictures.

There is nothing funnier than an accidentally swearing toddler. If you have smaller guests at your wedding, make sure your photographer tries to get some funny photos of them! This one was by Aaron Russell Photography.

Vanilla Moon Photography have managed to get a shot of these groomsmen happily skipping to the wedding! Or the pub..?

There’s only one thing funnier than a dog in a bow tie, and that’s a dog in a bow tie that’s not in the slightest bit amused by its attire! The slightly grumpy pup has been captured by Wayne White Photography.

Make sure to get a fun shot of the little ones! They grow up too fast, so it will be lovely to show them shots like this when they’re all grown up! This one was by Tom Migot.

Watch out! Bridezilla is about! This is a good giggle of a bride and groom before cutting the cake taken by L&L Photography.

A very serious guest with a very funny hat! Taken by David Adams Photography.

Yes, that’s right. A penguin wedding. These two gay penguins got hitched and were photographed by The Wedding Video Company.

A very happy bride and a very drunk groom! That’s two glasses of Champagne and a bottle he seems to be downing…taken by Lisa Barrie Photography.

This bride and groom seem to have worked out a dance routine and it looks very fun indeed! A memory we’re sure they will cherish forever by Tony Hailstone Photography.

Save the shoes! A very good groom giving his new wife a piggy back shot by Rutland Photographic.

We hope she didn’t go on to drink the bottle of lager in her hand, but it made a funny photo nonetheless! Photographed by Matthew Scott.

A very funny Vegas wedding photo! Amazing shot of the city and a funny shot of what we presume is the groom! JS Coates Photography.

Are you or your partner obsessed with the Xbox? This achievement unlocked photo is certainly one to carry out then, as it was in this wedding taken by Vanilla Moon Photography.

This photo looks amazing and not at all like it was meant to be taken! Know anyone that can backflip off a hay bale? Taken by Matthew Scott.

Champagne shots are always fun ones to do! Photo by Stephen Sutton.

We love this really creative shot of whatever is happening here by The Crawleys.

Everyone knows what song is playing and what they are all doing. We’re just happy JS Coates captured it.

This shot by the Crawleys is also very fun although the bride looks like she’s in genuine fear!


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