10 Beautiful Expressions You Will Want your Wedding Photographer to Capture

It’s the tear in the eye of your grandparents, the in awe stare of your husband at the end of the aisle and the gasps of your bridal party when they see the dress for the first time that you want captured on camera. These photographers have done just that…

This grandma in awe of her granddaughter’s beauty is a timeless photo and one the lucky couple will cherish forever. Stephen Sutton caught it on camera.

This photo is so beautiful as is the bride. We’re not crying, you’re crying! Captured by the Crawleys.

They’re not all tears, we promise…but how beautiful is this photo? So much love and so special. We can thank Simon Turner for capturing this incredible moment.

There’s so much love captured in this simple photo between the bride and the mother. Well done Peartree Pictures!

This groom cannot believe his luck as he sees the bride for the first time. Such a great photo from Jacky Badenhorst Photography.

Another amazing photo from Stephen Sutton. Gorgeous bride with her daughter before the big day.

This teary father is crying very happy tears as his daughter wipes her eyes too! Well captured Musket Wedding Photography.

Don’t look, they’re kissing! Taken by Natalie Lauren Photography.

When the bride is seen for the first time by the bridesmaids, it can be very emotional. We just love the little girl’s look of awe! Taken by Becky Kerr Photography.

A sister’s look of love as the bride and groom marry. Taken by Scott Kendall Photography.


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