15 Photos That Prove City Weddings Are Stunning

Many couples that live in Britain’s cities decide to have their wedding on the outskirts in the beautiful countryside. Whilst this is of course a great idea, we collected 15 amazing photos from our suppliers that prove city weddings are super beautiful too!

Of course the London bus shot is a staple city photo but this one from Andy Sidders Photography captures the bus just moving into the frame colour matching the fire station behind. We love it!

We love how this photographer – Andy Sidders again – has coloured matched the grooms’ suits with the blue pub behind!

If you’re getting married anywhere near Kensington, this photo is a must! The beautiful Georgian buildings that line the streets in this section of London are stunning and LVRS Photography captured them so well.

Fresh Shoot Studios make use of this couples’ sparklers and corner street venue so well! Check out their supplier page (linked) to see loads more lovely sparkler shots like this.

How cool is this sleek city shot? It feels like a clip from a movie! Interested in capturing something like this on your wedding day? Try Motiejus.

This wedding picture is insanely good – a private party London bus, a gorgeous bride looking at the camera, guests looking on with excitement as the group tries to keep up! Such a great idea from Peartree Pictures.

Cities and their monuments are usually lit very well with bright colours like the London Eye. Ahmet Duzyol Photography captured it so well.


Cities are also filled with really cool things and backgrounds! It’s good to get a photographer who knows where these cool backgrounds are so you can get some really unique photos, like Andy Sidders Photography.

Our final London bus shot – we promise! But we simply had to include this incredible shot taken by Motiejus in central London, capturing the bride and groom so well and naturally!

Selen Photography’s incredible night time photograph of this bride and groom in Maidenhead, dimly lit with a flash of light between the two is just perfect.

Try and take time out to get a photo of some of the most famous monuments around you! You’ll look onto these photos with fondness and you’ll remember your wedding every time you see that landmark. Photographed by LVRS Photography.

Find back alleys and hidden corners in the city to capture a peaceful and romantic photo of you both together like this from Andy Sidders Photography.

Find a spot in the city that reflects your personalities! There’s bound to be somewhere that describes you both perfectly and everything is just a minute or two away! Shot by Pink Daisy Weddings.

If you are in a city that benefits from a lovely winding river like London or Bath for example, have a boat cruise with your bridal party as a way to add something extra to to the day and get shots like this one by Motiejus.

No matter where you live, get a photographer that will capture the beauty in the ordinary. The city is a stunning setting to get married in and these photographers have certainly proved that! This shot by Ahmet Duzyol is another great example.


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