Wedding Heels vs Flats: Pros and Cons

It can be tricky to decide whether to wear beautiful – yet painful – stiletto heels on your wedding day or comfortable – yet not as pretty – flat shoes. Make the decision yourself by reading our handy pros and cons of different wedding shoes…




• They can be so pretty!
• Heels make you taller
• They make your feet look elegant
• They improve your carriage
• They make your look more formal


• They can really hurt!
• If you have a long dress, people may not see them
• They might affect the way you walk
• You’re more likely to get blisters
• They could cause you to wince in wedding photos
• You can’t walk on grass

Jimmy Choo wedding heels.
But they’re just so pretty! Shoes: Jimmy Choo.



• Comfy feet all day long
• Not many people will even see them
• You can walk comfortably
• You can partake in all activities like dancing and long walks
• You can get pretty flat shoes
• You can still get designer flats


• They may not look the best
• They can make your whole outfit look a little drab
• If you’re short, they won’t add height
• They can still give you blisters and hurt your feet
• They may allow you to slouch

Christian Louboutin glittery flat shoes.
Christian Louboutin glittery flat shoes.

Whatever you decide to choose, you’re sure to look gorgeous in your wedding shoes on the big day. Just remember – don’t worry too much about this element of your wedding as not a lot of people will even be able to see your shoes if you have a long dress! To browse more, click here.



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