Wedding Dress Trends 2020

Are you a fashion conscious bride looking for the latest wedding dress trends to follow before you decide on the dress? You’re in the right place! We have the very latest wedding dress trends from the latest 2020 designer collections…



The Formal Bride

This is a very bold and unique look for 2020. The blazer work suit look is very different to trends we’ve seen in previous years, and we don’t understand how it hasn’t been a trend before. It’s smart yet sexy, classy yet enticing, luxurious yet simple. It’s everything you would ever want from a look on your wedding day. This really bucks the trend from the informal styles we’re seeing more commonly in collections these days. See the below examples…

Justin Alexander Formal Look
Formal elegance by Justin Alexander.
A Peplum Formal Look from Alan Hannah
Alan Hannah’s Peplum dress with its office-style formality.

That 70s Bride

Flared sleeves and trousers have slowly creeped their way back into modern fashion, and we’re loving it. So is the bridal industry! Flared sleeves, full lace and crochet patterns can be seen all over 2020’s wedding dresses. Just check out our examples below.

Eddy K Flared Sleeves
Eddy K’s flared sleeves and full lace is the epitome of a 1970s dress.
Lillian West's Flared Sleeves
Lillian West’s Flared Sleeves and Starry look

The Mystical Bride

This is a very unexpected trend. Picture a mattress cover or the cover of a bathroom window…that seems to be the peculiar wedding dress trend for 2020. And oddly, we’re loving it! It’s different, bold and almost fairy tale like with shiny silk combined with taffeta or heavier material.

Complice-Stalo Theodorou
The designer Complice-Stalo Theodorou always opts for fairy tale looks.
Temperley London's sheer look
Temperley London have also jumped on this unique trend.

The Feathered Bride

Another new wedding dress trend is an adaptation of lace appliqué – feathers. This is probably one of the more expected trends; it started with simple lace detailing which went onto appliqué detailing placed on top of the dress and now there’s this almost semi-detached appliqué look. Although we have to admit…it reminds us of a plucked turkey… 

Persephone by Alan Hannah feathered dress
Persephone in Alan Hannah’s latest collection plays on this feathered trend.
Justin Alexander Signature Dress
Justin Alexander’s Signature Collection features this trend.

The Royal Bride

Meghan Markle hit all the headlines after her royal wedding, and her surprisingly simple dress. Due to its simplicity, loads of designer companies added a similar style to their collections and it has created an entire trend of very simple wedding dresses with minimal detail.

MiaMia simple Meghan Markle wedding dress trend
Designer MiaMia rocking Meghan Markle chic.
Stephanie Allin Meghan Markle
Stephanie Allin’s simple yet stunning on trend wedding dress.

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