How to Make Your Guest List in Five Minutes


Are you struggling to create a guest list? It’s so hard figuring out who to invite…

A guest list is tricky. Every guest is an expense. Unless you really want to splash out with a 100+ guest list, you need to be a little brutal.

Luckily for you, UKbride has put together a very easy way to put together your list. Ask yourself the questions below, and you’ll be able to work out if a certain family member or friend is actually worth inviting.

Once you’ve figured it out, add your attendees onto this list. The list provides you with the option to check off when invites have been sent and if they have replied.

UKbride Guest List


If you really want to just sit down with your husband-to-be and get a guest list together without arguments, this is the best guide to follow. Inviting people is one of the least favoured jobs in wedding planning. You want to make planning fun and enjoyable. Putting the list together really is a job to get out the way so you can focus on the day.

Remember, as long as you, your husband-to-be and immediate family are there, you won’t upset anybody.

Once you have finally put a list together of who to invite, use UKbride’s FREE table planner here.

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