Country vs City Weddings

If you’re living in central London and you don’t know whether to have a wedding out in the country or in the craziness of the city, let us evaluate the pros and cons of both to help you decide…


Living in the middle of the city and deciding to get married is quite a tricky dilemma. Chances are, your family probably lives outside of the city but all of your friends are in London. It’s hard knowing whether to host it close to friends or family, but don’t judge it based on your guests. We’ve chosen some of the key elements you should be considering when choosing your wedding venue and picked a winning location for each one!



You can get some really beautiful city centre weddings especially on rooftops with the London skyline illuminating the background. In the countryside, you’re almost guaranteed beauty with venues making the most of their natural surroundings.

Winner: Country Weddings.



This one’s a tricky one. You can be out in the countryside but five minutes from a major city or in the middle of nowhere. It’s practical to have a wedding in a city purely for logistical reasons; easier transport links, more wedding suppliers to choose from etc. However, you’ll see more countryside venues allow caterers to come in and traffic isn’t so much of a threat.

Winner: City Weddings.

Motiejus Wedding Photography.


Party Time

This one is a little trickier to choose than you think! Of course, city weddings will have a reputation for being party destination venues, but out in the country, you’re much more likely to keep the party going till the early hours of the morning since no one is around and no one can hear you. You’re also more likely to be able to have fireworks. However, the city probably just beats the countryside on this one with its general atmosphere and feel.

Winner: City Weddings.

Fresh Shoot Studios.


Venue Restrictions

This is things like allowing confetti and fireworks, charging a corkage fee, staying open late and any other restriction venues impose on couples, and it’s a really tricky one to decide where’s best to go for this point. However, we believe there are more venues out in the country that are a little more relaxed on rules than those in the middle of a city simply because city venues have their hands tied on some points like fireworks and lanterns.

Winner: Countryside Weddings.

Surrey National Golf Club.
Surrey National Golf Club.



There are two factors to this – first of all, cities are generally more expensive places to be so on paper, city weddings are more expensive. However, when you’re out in the countryside, the sizes of wedding venues seem to grow – that’s where all the stately homes, castles and golf clubs are – and you’re more likely to have a marquee wedding. It’s a tricky one but if you were to have exactly the same size wedding in the country as you were to have in the city, it would be less expensive.

Winner: Countryside Weddings.

Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.



As you can see from the picture above, there are so many venues out in the countryside that can happily accommodate your guests with rooms. However, city weddings definitely win this one; the prices of London property means buildings purely used for weddings are few and far between. You are much more likely to have rooms with your venue; it’s more likely to be a hotel in the city than in the countryside and if it isn’t, the nearest hotel will be in walking distance.

Winner: City Weddings.

Ahmet Duzyol Photography.



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