What is a Wedding Toastmaster?

If you’re looking for a wedding toastmaster for your big day, there is one big question you need to know the answer to; what is a toastmaster and what do they do?

Well, you’re in luck! The experts at UKbride have answered the key questions about what wedding toastmasters actually do and the value of them in this handy article.


1. Carrying Out the Plan of the Day

The key take away is that a wedding toastmaster is not a wedding planner, but more of a ‘carry-outer.’ They are largely responsible for carrying out the plan of the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and stepping in when it doesn’t (see point two). They usually arrive an hour before the wedding even starts to make sure all the suppliers are in place, the venue is organised and all necessary preparations have been made.


Ian Ellis, Toastmaster.
Ian Ellis, Toastmaster.

2. Last Minute Checks and Organising

It’s little things like checking the Champagne is chilled, the right amount of chairs have been laid out, ramps have been set up for wheelchair users and the toilets are nice and clean that you will thank your toastmaster for! 




3. Crisis Management

As mentioned before, a toastmaster steps in when something isn’t going to plan. If the photographer is running late, the DJ has cancelled or even if the Best Man is too intoxicated to give his speech, it’s the wedding toastmaster’s job to solve the problem. Think of him or her as your backup plan and insurance policy for when things go wrong on the day itself. They will certainly take the stress of your shoulders!

Garry Smith from Milton Keynes.
Garry Smith from Milton Keynes.


4. Announcements

This is probably what toastmasters are most well known for. They welcome guests, announce the bride and groom’s arrival, announce the speeches and bid farewell to the guests. They are there to add a touch of formality to your wedding day with professional introductions. It’s also handy for your guests and yourselves to know what will happen next in the order of the day, and it’s part of the toastmaster’s role to guide you to where you need to go.


5. Provide Entertainment

Most toastmasters are also there to add some excitement to the celebrations; after all, that’s what their historical role was in grand events. It’s rather special being traditionally introduced to the wedding party and guests as you enter the reception. Some toastmasters can do things like take the cork off a bottle with a sword and some will stay late to dance the night away! It’s their job to be personable so they will be a valued guest too.


Main image by Helen England Photography.

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