Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Extra

If you are as obsessed with wedding stationery as we are, this post was made for you. It’s important to give your guests a good first impression for how amazing your wedding will be, so here are five simple ways to make your wedding invitations extra…


1. Translucent/Transparent Sheet

Yes, you need some paper elements otherwise it becomes a little tricky to read, but making one sheet – perhaps your wedding announcement sheet – translucent will make your invite really stand out and feel extra special.

Translucent Wedding Invitations
Translucent Wedding Invitations by Polka Dot Paper.

2. Wax Seal

Lords and ladies would seal their envelopes with a drop of wax pressed usually with a ring to show who it came from and to ensure no one opened it in transit and read the secrets within. Make your wedding invites extra special by adding this ancient seal to all your envelopes!

Wax Sealed Invitation
Wax sealed sage invitations by Papira Designs.

3. Tied with a Ribbon

It is of course the finishing detail to make your wedding invitations perfect! We recommend thick ribbon and a colour that ties in with your colour scheme. This is the ideal way to hint at what your colour scheme will be on the big day.

A beautiful blue navy ribbon tied by Shine Wedding Invitations.
A beautiful blue navy ribbon tied by Shine Wedding Invitations.

4. Gold Foil

Being extra ties hand in hand with decorating your invitations with gold. Embossing with a gold foil gives such a great effect and just shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to make that first bit of wedding celebrations extra special. Don’t overdo it! Just a subtle touch of gold embossed.

Gold embossed into wedding invitations
Gold embossed into wedding invitation by Elegante Press.

5. Map

You don’t want your guests getting lost and you want to make your wedding invitations extra. Kill two birds with one stone and add a beautifully illustrated map to your wedding invites!

Beautifully embossed wedding map.
Beautifully embossed wedding map.

Whether you’re DIYing your wedding invites or getting them professionally printed, we highly recommend you choose one of these beautiful styles to really make your invites pop! To view more beautiful styles, click this link!


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