Top 10 Benefits to a Toastmaster

There are loads of incredible benefits to having a wedding toastmaster, and since they cost less than a wedding cake, why not?


1. A Professional, Formal Announcement

First of all, you will have a certain formality about your day with a toastmaster. Having a professional announce your presence will feel so special and make it feel like a very important event.


2. A Stress-Free Day

You’re paying for zero stress, insurance and a backup plan for when things go wrong when investing in a wedding toastmaster. They make sure the whole day goes smoothly and allows you to really relax and enjoy yourself. They also allow your party to do so too if you were going to delegate roles.


3. Adds Value to the Wedding Scene

When you see a very well-dressed, red-coated man or woman leading the wedding party, it certainly makes the wedding look much more upmarket and rather royal.


4. Things Happen in the Right Order

With a mix of alcohol, nerves, stress, friends, family and of course the most important day of your lives pressing down on you, a toastmaster can take the burden off you to keep track of the time. 


5. Entertainment to Guests

Toastmasters are rather entertaining! After all, that was their role in history to keep guests entertained. Some can pop the cork off a bottle with a sword, others are just really fun to be around and will stay and party all night!

SanjayDgohil Photography


6. A Helping Hand for Less Able Guests

Toastmasters will be there to help elderly, disabled or young guests get around on the day down stairs, round tight corners and even onto chairs to do speeches! They will be the umbrella holder for rainy days.

SanjayDgohil Photography
SanjayDgohil Photography


7. They are so Affordable

All of that for just £300 – £400! That’s less than most wedding cakes. It’s well worth investing. Just make sure you’ve picked a well qualified toastmaster since there are a lot out there that simply put on a red coat and call themselves such.


8. Correcting Wedding Etiquette

He or she will ensure the correct etiquette is carried out on the day, which is important to save embarrassment for any member of the wedding party.

Busy Brides Wedding Planner


9. A Great Asset to Photos!

The red tailcoats look so smart and make a nice addition to your wedding photos! It’s also one of their jobs to arrange and order your guests for photos.

Busy Brides Wedding Planner
Busy Brides Wedding Planner


10. Happy Guests, Happy Couple

And finally, they just make everybody happy. They’re always lovely people, they look the part and they make sure everything is done; the guest book will be fully signed by everybody possible, almost all your guests will be in the photos, everyone will get canapés and Champagne and there will be no little annoyances like a lack of high chairs or cold food as your professional wedding toastmaster will have overseen the entire operation.



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