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Catering: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to wedding catering, there will be things you just need to confirm in writing to avoid any confusion or issues or nasty surprises later on.


1. Special Meal Choices

You need to have confirmed in writing with your caterers how many special meal choices there are and what they are. This is for guests with specific dietary requirements like they’re allergic to nuts or vegan for example. We don’t need to tell you why it is so important to have this confirmed in writing with your caterers.


2. The Cost of Children/Supplier Meals

Kids meals are half the size of adults’ meals and the suppliers are generally happy to eat buffet-style in the kitchen. Both should be about half the price of the usual, so make sure that is outlined in the contract before you sign on the dotted line.


3. Hire Costs

Make sure the hire costs are explained in the contract separately. This is for things like tables, linens, cutlery, plates etc if this is something your caterer is providing. It’s usually outlined as a per person cost so just check you’re happy with this cost.


4. Wedding Day Timeline

You need to ensure a full list of the day’s activities are outlined in the contract. If not a full day, then at least when the caterers need to be ready to go, when to bring certain elements of the food, serve drinks, start clearing up etc. It might be worth outlining a late charge or partial refund if they are way off the timings if at all possible.


5. Staff Numbers

Make sure you get an exact number of how many members of staff will be there on the day and make sure you’re happy with that number! You want enough staff to cater on the day for all of your guests, and you want them to have a backup plan for when staff members are sick on the day so get that in writing too!


6. All Additional Fees

Get every single little fee written down like what happens if you extend staff hours on the day, if there’s a corkage fee for alcohol, charges for broken equipment etc. Get it all written down so they can’t hit you with a big scary and unpredicted figure after the day adding to post-wedding stress.


The Wedding Pizza Company.
The Wedding Pizza Company.



Want to save a bit of cash in this element of your wedding? We have three really handy tips to follow.

  1. Stick to the menus provided: making changes and custom menus will be very pricy. Stick to the menus the caterers provide and this should cut down added costs.
  2. Try to stick to the game plan: don’t run over on time or ask caterers to come earlier than when they have told you they will come. You will incur charges and they may be ridiculously high! If you’re nervous about doing this or you need to do this, again make sure the additional cost is outlined in the contract.
  3. Keep guest numbers down: as with every element of your wedding, you will save a tonne of money if you simply have less guests. You will most likely be charged on a head count for your catering so just keep guest numbers low and this will immediately cut costs. Try having evening guests and day guests if you’re struggling!


Super Event, East Sussex.
Super Event, East Sussex.

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