A Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

Curious about what your wedding photographer will get up to on the big day? UKbride has spoke to wedding photographer Tim Hardy, a UKbride supplier, to get a break down of the big day.

On the day of the wedding, the first thing Tim will do is check the weather. This is very important as the weather will determine when the photos can be taken, if it is planning to rain later in the day the photographer will work around this and take the main wedding shots before this time.
The next step is to check the camera equipment, cards and to make sure all the equipment is charged and clean. Tim also has a good breakfast; “you don’t always know when you are going to be next eating so I always have a filling breakfast on any wedding day morning.”
Finally, before leaving Tim will dress to impress, polish his shoes and make sure his attire fits in with the wedding dress code.
“I always allow time for traffic,” says Tim. “I like to arrive at the ceremony or place of getting ready early which helps make the brides more relaxed.” The photographer will usually be there two hours before the wedding ceremony to get those lovely ‘getting ready’ shots.
Depending on the package the couple has chosen the photographer can either do a half day shoot where they would stay up until the wedding breakfast or more popularly, the couple can opt for full day coverage.
With the full day coverage, the photographer will stay until the first dance and Tim says “I usually like my last shots to be party images, images of the couple with family and friends partying on the dance floor.”
The actual shooting of the wedding is just the start for a photographer and after the wedding day the editing begins.
“The next day after the wedding I will back up all the images taken and edit all the photos the week following the wedding.”
If the photographer has another wedding the following weekend, they need to make sure the first wedding images are completed and edited before they move onto the next. 
Depending on the couple and if they are on Honeymoon will depend on when the images are first previewed to the couple. Tim says he usually chooses 40 – 50 images to give to the couple as a web link so they have a small snippet of their big day before receiving the full images. 

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