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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Venues

Make sure you’re aware of everything before looking or booking your wedding venue. There are so many hidden costs and little facts you might not know about venues…

1. Corkage Fee

This is a hidden cost that tends to surprise most couples when booking a wedding venue so make sure to ask if you have to pay for it. It’s basically a fee that allows you to serve alcohol and can range from £10 – £12 per bottle of wine to £17 – £25 per bottle of Champagne!


2. Limitations and Restrictions

Some wedding venues won’t allow fireworks, lanterns or even confetti, so it’s always worth double checking this if the perfect wedding confetti photo is something that is important to you.


3. Too Much Space is a Thing

So many couples choose their wedding venues without having a rough idea of how many guests they will invite. Because of this, they overcompensate on the size of their venue in case they have plenty of guests. They end up have 50 guests in a 300 guest castle or grand venue so it looks empty and wastes money. Make sure you have a rough idea before visiting!

Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon.
Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon.


4. Suppliers are Really Helpful

Don’t just throw yourself into finding a wedding venue. Ask any suppliers you may already have confirmed who they like working with best. If you trust them enough to book them before the venue, chances are their recommendations are going to be in line with what you would want.


5. Think Practically and Logically

I know it seems simple, but it’s an easy one to miss when you’re wrapped up in wedding planning and all the other distractions of life. Will there be parking? How will your guests get there? Is there a huge distance between the ceremony venue and the reception venue? If so, are you arranging transport for guests? What happens if it rains? Ask yourself all of these questions and walk yourself through the entire day.

Ufton Court, Reading.
Ufton Court, Reading.


6. Do Your Research

You may have spotted your dream wedding venue, grabbed your partner’s hand and ran off to explore it…but wait! It could be the most beautiful wedding venue in the world – if the team that manage it are awful to work with and if other couples have had a bad experience, read all the review websites! We’re talking Google, Facebook, Yelp!, Instagram, Twitter and even UKbride. Some companies pay for reviews but they can’t cover all bases so check as many websites as you can beforehand.


7. Trust Your Gut

When it comes round to visiting the wedding venue, do not avoid red flags or minor errors. Make a note of them! And make sure you’re asking a tonne of tough questions; you may get some answers you didn’t want but it’s better to hear them now rather than when you’re putting the finishing touches of your wedding together. Compare all the minor flaws with each venue you visit.

DoubleTree by Hilton, Edinburgh City Centre.
DoubleTree by Hilton, Edinburgh City Centre.


8. Ask About Renovations

Make sure you double check there aren’t any huge renovation projects taking place on your wedding day. Your beautiful dream wedding venue will not be as beautiful when it is covered in scaffolding!


9. Check the Venue’s Supplier Policies

Some venues will only allow you to choose your suppliers from a set list, others have a ‘preferred’ list and some will have in-house catering or a DJ. There may be a photographer or a food company you have your heart set on so always check this so you’re not limited.


10. Visit During the Day

Make sure your visits to the venues you have shortlisted are at the time of day of your wedding. You want to know exactly what it will look like and while you can’t control the weather, this will give you a better idea rather than seeing it illuminated by a beautiful sunset that won’t be there on your day because your day starts at midday for example.

The Pavilions, London.
The Pavilions, London.


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