10 Reasons to Marry a Yorkie!

If you’re marrying a Yorkshire lass or lad, there are a few things you need to know as to why you should. They’re chuffing brilliant!


1. They’ll make a good cuppa

One of the more important aspects of a relationship is how well a cup of tea is made. If you’re marrying someone from Yorkshire, they’ll give you a proper brew every time!

Yorkshire is home of the 'proper brew!"
Yorkshire is home of the ‘proper brew!’


2. And a good Sunday roast dinner too!

Aunt Bessie simply won’t do to your other half. Expect a fresh batch of only the best Yorkshire puddings, a skill that they have perfected to provide only the very best gravy bowl to your roast dinner.

You can smell how good these Yorkshire puddings are!
You can smell how good these Yorkshire puddings are!


3. These will be mandatory

You may be in the mood for a Sunday lunch but unfortunately, that will not be an option. Sunday roasts are not simply a tradition to Yorkshire folk. They’re a way of life featuring meat piled high and floods of gravy (and of course homemade Yorkshire puddings).

You won't be complaining about this Yorkshire quirk!
You won’t be complaining about this Yorkshire quirk!


4. You will be called a mardy bum

It’s been made famous by the Arctic Monkeys but mardy bum is a phrase coined by only a Yorkie and one that’s been around a long time before Alex Turner. If you’re in a mood or you’re angry, you will probably be referred to as mardy bum or being in a mardy. Get back to cuddles in the kitchen to get things off the ground!

Now then mardy bum!
Now then mardy bum!


5. But rest assured they are not intentionally dropping the c-bomb

This one takes some getting used to. Yorkies say a not so innocent word when saying the very innocent phrase ‘couldn’t.’ It just takes some getting used to; don’t be alarmed.

The legend Sean Bean is of course from Yorkshire!
The legend Sean Bean is of course from Yorkshire!


6. You’ll get confused about what meal you’re eating

If you’re from Yorkshire, some people call lunch dinner and dinner tea. It’s really confusing and not great for relationships with communication challenges! Just establish the correct pronunciation they tend to use when referring to meal times, to avoid getting all dressed up for dinner only to realise your partner is taking you out for a sandwich and a coffee.

Not forgetting this Yorkshire queen!
Not forgetting this Yorkshire queen!


7. Their accent becomes broader around Yorkies

Perhaps you’re not living in Yorkshire. When you go back to visit friends and family, be aware that you may not understand what they are saying. The accent will most definitely become a lot broader. Yorkshire folk are proud of where they’re from and their accent so they enhance it when around others!

Jarvis Cocker is from Sheffield!
Jarvis Cocker is from Sheffield!


8. Say the word ‘sun’ and they will strip, grab a towel and go out in the garden

Yorkshire folk tend to strip down once temperatures have breached another above 15 degrees. As long as the sun is shining (even through the odd cloud), the people of Yorkshire strip to bikinis and shorts.

Woman on beach


9. They don’t say the letter ‘T’

When it comes to raising kids if that’s something you decide to do, it’s probably best if you teach them how to speak…your partner will do everything he or she can to avoid saying the letter T; the more you use it in words, the posher you are!

Jennifer Metcalfe is from Bradford.
Jennifer Metcalfe is from Bradford.


10. They’re bloody proud of where they’re from!

They’re proud to be from Yorkshire and they will talk about their county –  and brag about it after a few beers – to anyone and everyone. Be prepared to know of every Yorkshire achievement ever and embrace it – Yorkshire is God’s own county after all!

Wakefield's civic quarter - just beautiful!
Wakefield’s civic quarter – just beautiful!



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