10 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

Not sure on having an engagement shoot? Well, here are 10 reasons why you should! Remember –you get a free one with UKbride!


1. It gives you the chance to get to know your photographer

Cyrus Mehta Photography.
Cyrus Mehta Photography.


It is really important to build a  good relationship with your photographer. On the wedding day your photographer will be with you for many hours so you need feel comfortable around them and build a trustworthy rapport. 


2. It gives the photographer a chance to get to know you

David Christopher Photography.
David Christopher Photography.


Every couple interacts with each other differently and this is chance for the photographer to see your individual personalities. It will also help the photographer to capture  those personal moments on your wedding day that are unique to the two of you.


3. Helps you to become more comfortable in front of the camera

Matthew Scott Photography.
Matthew Scott Photography.


Unless you and your partner are professional models, many couples do not feel natural posing in front of the camera, especially when taking candid or romantic shots. An engagement shoot gives you a “test run” and will help you to be more relaxed and less tense on your actual wedding.


4. Learn Poses and Angles



Your photographer will teach you poses which you may use on your wedding day. Looking into the eyes of your partner romantically or laughing on cue may need practise and your engagement shoot is the time to do this. It also gives you a chance to learn tips from your photographer on angles and posture. 


5. A chance to tell the photographer about your best features or anything you don’t like about yourself



We all have those small things that we don’t like about our appearance or features that we want to enhance. This is the time to let your photographer know to make sure they get the photos you will like on the day.


6. You will have fantastic images to use
pre- wedding


Martin Davies Photography.
Martin Davies Photography.


You can use your engagement shoot photos as save the date cards, guest sign in books, signing frames, or even for your wedding website set up.


7. It’s fun!


David Christopher Photography
David Christopher Photography


Wedding planning can be stressful so your engagement shoot is a chance to take some time away from the planning and you can spend quality time with your fiancee and just be yourself. It is also a time to celebrate your engagement.


8. You will see your photographers work before the wedding



This is one of the most important reasons to have an engagement shoot as it will give you the opportunity to see your photographers work and ensure that you like your photographers style


9. You get images of the two of you in non-wedding clothes



Your wedding photos will be cherished for ever but you may not normally have the opportunity to get some fantastic images of the two of you in every day clothes which are more versatile.


10. You get a FREE one with UKbride – why not?!

Yes, you get a completely free engagement shoot through UKbride! Why wouldn’t you choose to have one? Just click this link to book in with a photographer of your choice.*

UKbride recommends all brides to be to have an Engagement Photo Shoot!



*Applies to selected photographers on UKbride only. 


Main photo: Morgan James Photography.


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